12079422_10153340872398515_4397278996904079192_nAs women sometimes we feel like we need to leave the “providing” to the men in our live’s. In our grandparent’s generation, the man worked to provide for their families. And the women stayed home to care for their children, cook meals, and tend to the home. Now being 2015-2016, obviously times have changed in all aspects. But I feel as if most women can’t see themselves actually go out, harvest an animal (let alone with a bow and arrow) And put meat in the freezer. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be able to provide organic food for my family. The best feeling in the world is being able to provide for my family. As well as donate harvested deer to Hunters Helping the Hungry in which families in need receive venison. Thank you to everyone who understands that hunting isn’t something you “do” its something that is a part of you.


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