The Bowhunter Box Club and why you NEED IT!


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I’m so excited to talk with you all about this AMAZING company! I recently sat down with Jason Feldt, founder of the Bowhunter Box Club. I was able to get to know him on both a professional and personal level. I truly wanted to know what motivated him to create the Bowhunter Box Club. Such an awesome and practical idea that caters SPECIFICALLY to bowhunters! Jason’s love for the outdoors was more then just going out and harvesting an animal. The escape from the overly busy “real world” and the natural connection he feels when in the woods is something he feels has to be experienced in order to be understood. The basis of his reasoning is the deeper connection one should have with the country, the game, the friends, and/or family you hunt with.

Having such a passion with bowhunting and wanting to always try new things in order to find the right setup that worked best for Jason, he found it to be easy to talk himself out of trying new things or spending the money to test new things out. He knew there was a better way of going about it. He asked himself, “How could someone get more for their money and get introduced to new products without being swayed by the crusty, old opinion of someone else?” After looking, thinking, and researching the Bowhunter Box Club was born. When asked about his personal feelings when his idea became a reality, his first response was “I knew I created something great when customers shared stories of how their lives were positively impacted because of it” He states “The value of what is happening here is so much greater than just the products in the box. The joy and excitement it brings every month is worth even more!” Some of the stories that were shared with Jason were those of families who were dealing with loss of loved ones, loss of a hunting buddy, and a family dealing with tough medical issues, but also the excitement of a father opening their boxes with his children to see what new surprises were in store for that month. One of the many reasons why I am writing this blog to tell YOU, the reader that you should be a part of such an amazing club.

With that being said, here are MORE reasons as to why the Bowhunter Box Club is great! Not only do you get great value and useful products every month but who doesn’t enjoy getting to open up a new box they get in the mail?! When you subscribe to the Bowhunter Box Club you can choose from a variety of subscription options. You can choose between the 3,6, or 12 month prepaid subscription or the month to month subscription. Want to be eligible for awesome giveaways (that include bows, gear, hunts, & more), discounts, and other savings? Then the 1 year VIP pass thru club membership would be ideal for someone who really REALLY enjoys bowhunting! I personally love the fact that the Bowhunter Box Club is specifically geared towards bowhunters and the excitement it makes me feel when I see my mailman dropping off a new box each month! Need a great idea for a birthday, anniversary, or “just because” gift to a fellow bowhunter? Well, the Bowhunter Box Club has that covered also. The gift subscription is a great way to give an awesome gift to a loved one, friend, or colleague. Just like the regular subscriptions, the gift option has 1,3,6, and 12 month subscriptions to choose from. Take my word, you won’t regret subscribing for the Bowhunter Box Club. It is an amazing way to try so many new products EVERY MONTH!


I’d like to thank Jason Feldt for taking the time to talk with me about the amazing company he founded. For someone to create an amazing concept, and make it a reality for not only himself but for millions of other bowhunters, I genuinely wanted to hear about his passion and love for bowhunting and the outdoors. Visit the Bowhunter Box Club website for more information. Also be sure to check out their social media for some amazing content! Instagram: @bowhunterboxclub & facebook:

I’m so excited for everyone to check this out!

Happy Hunting!





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