Product Review: Signal11Lures


I’m excited to talk about Signal11Lures, i’ve been using these scent lures for quite some time now! Let me tell you this, if you haven’t been using these scent lures then you need to be. They have scent lures for just about all of your hunting needs INCLUDING Lip Glu fish attractant for you anglers out there!

Aside from the deer glandular lures and bear attractants Signal11Lures also has some pretty awesome food attractants that come in polymer beads and sprays. The “flavors” include sweet corn, white oak acorns, apple, peanut butter (YUP!), bacon, cherry, and persimmon. So, when I first got my sweet corn food attractant in the mail, I didn’t realize you could also place the jar on the ground while out hunting so that I could reuse it multiple times. I would throw a few beads around, which is totally fine! All of the beads are completely non toxic and safe. The good thing about throwing a few on the ground is that the scent will be released for approximately two weeks! Amazing, right??!! Aside from spraying my bait pile with the peanut butter attractant, I also spray it from time to time from up in the tree stand, for that extra oomph. I honestly could go on and on about the food attractants, if I didn’t need it for the deer I’d probably try to eat it myself they smell THAT good. I wonder if it’d be weird if I tried to spray the peanut butter attractant into my mouth, I’m a peanut butter fiend! In all seriousness though, you NEED this stuff in your hunting lives!!!

So, lets talk about the deer scent lures. As we all know I have a new baby, Colby. So last year I wasn’t able to get out hunting due to the fact that I had a newborn. But the year prior I used the “brain fart” and “freezer filler” religiously and because of that I harvested 2 bucks and a doe. This year, I am continuing to use these products as well as the food attractants. I’ve seen many deer come through and I know that if you use these products when hunting, you will see a world of difference in the movement of deer. What sets Signal11Lures apart from all the rest, these lures and attractants beat a deer at its own game. We all know that a deer can hear an acorn fall to the ground 50+ yards away and know exactly what it is. That deer can see you blink your eyes around 40 yards, as well as smell you 1/4 mile away. By using Signal11Lures you are getting the deers attention, you are getting the deer exactly where you want.

I call myself Woman of the Woods because I truly love doing what I do when it comes to bowhunting. I love everything about it, but what helps me love what I do are the amazing products that I use to help me succeed. Signal11Lures is one of those products that I will continue to use as long as I’m out in the woods. With Signal11Lures you can tell they took the time to truly do their research when it comes to knowing WHAT WORKS! If you read on their website you will see that this is the company of a man (Steve) and his son (Antonio) who took the time to figure out SPECIFICS! Although it is 100% deer urine, Steve created a specific homemade recipe of sex and organ gland tinctures to make a HIGH QUALITY lure. Another great factor is that there are no preservatives! Who knows maybe i’ll be 90 years old with a cane, sitting in a ground blind, but i’ll still be using Signal11Lures!

Please check out Signal11Lures out on social media, you will be happy you did!

Instagram: @signal11lures


Happy Hunting!





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