Let’s talk about DEER MANAGEMENT!


I’d like to think that most ethical hunters aren’t just about hunting the biggest bucks out there during deer season. Heck, I’ve been chasing a monster buck who only shows his face during the rut. My 2016 deer hunting season was pretty much non-existent due to the fact that I had just had my one year old, Colby. However, i’m going into 2017 fall bow season with a different mindset. I noticed on some trail cam pictures that there is an odd looking 3 point buck while prepping for deer hunting season a few months back. He looks to be around 3 years old. Not only is he capable of injuring even the biggest of bucks, he also has bad genetics. As hunters, this is something that must be managed for the integrity of the property. As we all know as hunters, this is still valuable meat in the freezer. It isn’t always about getting the giant, there are bucks on the one property that I hunt that can easily be harvested this year. Knowing what type of deer are on your property is just one of the things that we as hunters can do in preparation for the upcoming season. I always ask myself this one question before every season: What can I do to better manage my property this year? I go through what is essentially the most important for that season. So this year, harvesting the odd 3 point buck is priority. The last thing needed is his bad genetics being spread around and most importantly not to injure the other bucks on this property.

A lot of times when I am trying to explain to people who don’t know too much about hunting, is that hunting is good for the whitetail deer species. If we didn’t hunt and contribute to wildlife conservation the overpopulation of deer would increase the risk for disease which would essentially wipe out the species entirely, over time. It effects the ecosystem in which we live as well. As I stated before, the increased risk of disease would also effect us, our crops, and the surrounding areas in which we live. The money used to obtain our permits every year go towards wildlife conservation. We contribute in more ways then just going out and hunting from a tree stand or a ground blind. Not to mention it’s a form of sustenance for us, we are providing food for our families in the most natural and ethical way.

Nevertheless, as hunters the best possible thing for the properties in which we hunt, deer management is aways necessary. It is something that I would hope every ethical hunter would practice. I love reaching out to my followers and I am happy to talk to anyone who reaches out to me! So don’t be a stranger, send me a message! If you have any topics you want me to blog about, let me know!

Until next time…





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