Greetings fellow hunters and huntress’s alike! It’s been a minute since i’ve sat down and blogged. Having an infant has certainly taken up a lot of my spare time. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. This past year has been a whirlwind of changes in my life, and I am eager to blog and share my thoughts and words with ya’ll.

In the state of New Jersey we are blessed with the change of seasons throughout the year. Fall, being one of every hunter’s favorite seasons of the year, comes quickly after summer. But it’s what we do to prepare for such a season that comes with a lot of heavy lifting, energy, and dedication. I’m going to discuss what my husband and I do to prepare for our fall hunting season that will continue on through the winter as well. We are fortunate enough to have multiple properties that my husband’s family owns. However, when we feel that its necessary to change locations on the property we still do what any hunter do when going to hunt a new location. We Scout. We Prep. We Secure. We Assess. This is what we do to prepare for opening day in New Jersey. We make sure that the spot in which we are hunting is still a viable location to do so. Sometimes we have to change things around. That is okay, because it gives us a chance to apply our deer management skills as well. As any hunter would do, we put our cameras out and we either have food plots or bait piles. Some people don’t do bait piles and feel its best to do a food plot. I, personally don’t feel any indifferent to either of them. I believe it is personal preference to which route the hunter chooses to go.

The most important factor of preparing for hunting season for myself, is making sure i’m on my A-Game when shooting my bow. I target practice all year round, but I make it a priority in the months leading up to opening day to make sure I am ready to go. Whether it be target practicing on a target buck or heading to the archery range. I always have a check up done on my bow to make sure everything is just right. That last thing any hunter wants to do is wound a deer. Thats another topic I will be touching on in the coming weeks. It happens, but its something we try NOT to do. Being an ethical hunter means making sure we are harvesting our animals in the most humane way possible.

I’d love to hear from you and how ya’ll prepare for your hunting season. Where are you from? Some states have certain regulations set up for hunting season. I know certain zones in the state of New Jersey have been under review for some changes. And not for the better either. I’ve heard they might be taking away sunday hunting?!?!?! What is that?! My sources have also advised me they may even take away our “earn a buck” policy that his been in place for YEARS! Basically, the opening week of bowhunting season we have the opportunity to harvest a doe prior to harvesting a buck in the opening week. Once opening week is over, hunters are free to harvest their buck regardless of whether they harvested a doe or not. What kind of regulations does your state have? I’d love to hear from everyone. Please feel free to comment on any of my social media platforms which you can find on my website by clicking on their icon!

WOTW – Kim


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