Hello Again my fellow hunters!

Hello Again,


I apologize for my absence in blogging these last few months. I’m pregnant! Due in the next few weeks actually! Leave it to my fiancé and I to have a baby right in the beginning of hunting season! This pregnancy has had some complications we’ve run into which is why I wasn’t blogging. But i’m feeling great in these last few weeks of pregnancy and i’m looking forward to connecting with my followers again! To start of this blog post, I find it appropriate to talk about FAMILY.


What better way to get your kids, significant other, and close friends involved in something that teaches us about providing for our families. My 8 year old, Max picked up a kids suction cup bow at the age of 4 and has since moved up to a big kid bow and couldn’t be more in love with archery/hunting. Granted he can’t legally hunt yet he absorbs himself in everything hunting. He is literally counting down the days till he can go get a youth license and hunt with his momma! I truly feel that if we want to teach our kids life skills, responsibility, and feel a sense of accomplishments hunting is THE best way to engage our children. It’ll even help them learn how to deal with disappointment. Because lets be real, we’ve all had our disappointing hunting moments. I mean, if you think about it.. Our kids are the future of hunting. Teaching them about wildlife conservation and how hunters are a big part of that will not only create a wide spectrum of curiosity, I guarantee they will want to know more about nature, conservation, and the environment. Not to mention the bonding you will experience with your kids will leave a lasting memory for the whole family.

Nowadays, kids are so eager to sit in front of a tv and play video games. I don’t want that for my kids. I want them to WANT to go outside and be active. Whether it’s throwing a baseball in the backyard or going on a family hike, being outside is the best thing for kids. Unfortunately, I was never exposed to hunting as a kid but I wish I had been. I personally feel that teaching our kids to hunt and exposing them to lifestyle will create traditions going forward throughout generations.

Wether you gun hunt or bow hunt, it’s always a good idea to teach our kids how to be the safest and most ethical hunters we can be. It’s a skill even adults should familiarize themselves with every now and then. Lets get our kids outside!








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