Truth of the matter is… you stink. And while a human being may not be able to pick up on it, an animal can pick up your scent with ease. You can wear camo on top of camo and blend in with the woodlands but your smell will give you away in a split second. Now, I can get into the nitty gritty science talk about scent control but why would I bore you with that? Its simple… There are 3 types of scent control. 1) Scent Control 2) Scent Masking and 3) Hunting the Wind.

Scent Control

The goal of scent reduction is to minimize the smell of your body and your hunting gear. Ideally, you want to have zero scent. Realistically, that is not possible. We are made up of odor and unfortunately it’s our giveaway when we are in the woods.

Obviously, for centuries well before we ever existed on earth hunters were able to hunt successfully before the hunting industry and scent control technology was invented. There is no doubt in my mind it is certainly possible to be a successful hunter without using scent control.

Keep in mind, our ancestors didn’t have to worry about smelling like gasoline or pets. They surely didn’t live in a world full of synthetic fragrances. The society we live now is full of high fragrance things like shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent.

The good news is with the amazing technology today there are scent control products and clothing that minimize it. Believe it or not there is scent control gum and mouth spray to help mask the smell of our breath. I personally don’t use those products but I do buy scent control clothing and spray.

Scent Masking

Also known as scent disguising, scent masking is a way to fool the animals by essentially making yourself smell like the woods/forest. There are some limitations when it comes to scent masking. Covering your scent is only beneficial if the scent fits the environment. Once in a while i’ll leave my clothes outside in the fresh air (weather permitting)…


Hunting the Wind

Depending on the wind, it can either be your best friend or your worst enemy when hunting. If you familiarize yourself with how the wind works in the areas you hunt it will indefinitely make your hunting experience THAT much better. Ideally you want to hunt with the wind toward your face. But I will say, I sat out when the wind was questionable and sometimes the deer were just oblivious… we all have our moments I guess.

At the end of the day, my scent control advice to you is that you ultimately decide what scent control measures to take based off the types of animals you hunt and the methods you are using to hunt.



Kimberly Sophia





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