Woman of the Woods: Kimberly Sophia

Who I am:

I currently reside in New Jersey… Yes, people hunt in New Jersey. Believe it or not… it’s not fist pumping and bedazzled shirts here. There is amazing whitetail deer hunting in New Jersey and I like to consider it a hidden gem. I was introduced to bowhunting by Jason, my boyfriend of 5 years. At first, I wanted to learn because I figured it was a great way to spend time with him and of course learn something new. I spent a year ONLY target practicing and learning the ins and outs of archery. I wanted to make sure that before I took the test for my hunting license that I knew everything there was to know about archery and bowhunting. The last thing I ever wanted was to start hunting and not have any experience. Ever since I received my hunting license it opened a plethora of opportunities, experiences, and life lessons. Wanting to learn about bowhunting to spend time with Jason turned into a PASSION that will NEVER go away.

Any chance I get to educate people on hunting I see as an opportunity to open their eyes to how AMAZING harvesting your own food is as well as being a conservationist. All these things i’m excited to start sharing on my blog. I look forward to connecting with all my followers.


Kimberly Sophia


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